Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Hidden Gems ......... IFB AGRO and UJAAS ENERGY Big Stories In Making

Jai Shree Shyam!!!
IFB Agro one of the Largest Exporter of Sea Food Overseas .... and Prominent Player in Distillery Space. IFB Agro trading at Just 8 P/E with EPS of  Rs.48 per share. In comparison to Avanti Feeds it still under valued. Avanti Feeds Trading at 21 P/E. Biggest Player Dolly Khanna also holds good chunk in both the stocks. Our Tgt 600/750+ in short to medium term.  

Ujaas Energy Every one knows if we have to make NAMO's Dream Successful MAKE IN INDIA. We have to provide 24 Hrs electricity to Power Sector. Renewable Energy Will play a Super Role in that. UJAAS ENERGY u all know biggest and well known brand in Solar Energy.We are very bullish on this counter. Must Visit Its website...  www.ujaas.com 

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