Monday, 19 October 2015


Sanghi Industries Limited is the flagship company of The Ravi Sanghi Group dealing in the production and distribution of Cement under the Brand Name "Sanghi Cement". Sanghi Cement, is produced at one of the world's largest single stream Cement Plant located at Sanghipuram in the Abdasa Taluka of Kutch District of Gujarat State. This plant is completely programmed with cutting edge innovation from Fuller International, USA and having limit of 3.0 MTPA. The organization produces prevalent quality 53 Grade OPC and PPC Cement and have altered the way concrete is created and sold in India.The organization likewise surprisingly has its hostage warm plant of 63MW.Sanghi brand is exceptionally remarkable in the locale of Gujarat and Rajasthan.It generally concentrates on four businesses in the country:Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Kerala.Currently piece of the overall industry remains at 10-12% in Gujarat upheld by a hearty deals system of around 1500 dealers.Company fares to the Middle East, Africa and Sri Lanka.Cement request has been really predictable in the western and focal regions.With the bond business entering a stage where interest is enhancing crosswise over regions,Sanghi Industries will be one to profit the most.

Enhancing business blend and cargo cost savings:Religare report focuses at, "SNGI has its own wharf and jetty port, other than as of late setting up two terminals - Navlakhi (Rajkot, Gujarat) and Dharamtar (Mumbai) - for less expensive hostage transportation of mass concrete load. With the new limit extension, SNGI is relied upon to offer higher volumes in Mumbai, which is a mass bond business, empowering effective utilization of ocean courses for conveyance at a lower cargo cost.With expanded commitment from Mumbai,the business blend is required to change as takes after Gujarat:73% by FY17(vs. 80% in FY14), Maharashtra:2o% (i2%) and Others:7% (8%). With the full increase of waterfront terminals, the degree of street to-ocean transport is relied upon to decrease to 80:20 versus 95:5 now, getting expense funds".

Lessening of debts+High money flows+Dividends:Company in the course of the last few years have effectively pared its obligation from around wooers to pretty much 500crs.It found the middle value of working money streams of more than 1.70cr throughout the last five years.What is the greatest edge of security in a company?Obviously the dividends.Management has implied of a profit next financial which can again prompted a rerating."Do you know the main thing that provides for me delight? It's to see my profits coming in." - John D. Rockefeller.

Increase in promoter stake:Promoters over the last four years have swallowed 20% stake through market purchases.Every single year for the last few years,they exhausted the maximum permisable limit of 5%.Present stake stands at 71%(already acquired 5% for the present fiscal),Its of an easy assumption that the remaining 4% stake too would be acquired in the next fiscal.When you own the company(insider) and you are on buying spree it only hints at the things to come.Hiking of promoters stake gives tremendous amount of confidence and conviction.

Entry of reputed MF:Reliance Mutual Fund A/C Long Term Equity Fund recently has bought 32.65 lakh shares in the company for an average price of Rs 44.50.With the performance expected to better in near future as just a matter of time before other similar biggies plunge in to have a bite of the counter.

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