Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NEXT SECTOR TO KEEP ON RADAR -------- TEA & COFFEE FOR BIG MULTIPLE RETURN -------- Harrisons Malayalam Ltd:-My Bet in the Tea Sector

BIG STORY IN MAKING :Harrisons Malayalam Limited belonging from the RPG Group stable is India's largest producer of rubber, South India's largest cultivator of Tea and its the largest farmer of Pineapple in the region.The company is also a major processor of other agricultural produce from neighboring farmlands.The company also produces smaller quantities of a variety of other exotic horticultural crops like Areca nut, Banana, Cardamom, Cocoa, Coffee, Coconut, Pepper and Vanilla as well as limited quantities of Organic tea and Spices.The company is taking all efforts to carry out infilling in Tea Plantations and replanting in Rubber Plantations which will increase the yield levels in future.The outlook for tea prices looks promising and indications are that the price for Orthodox teas should be better as compared CTC grades.With the expected increase in tea prices and theprevailing high prices for rubber, the company will be able to perform well by increasing the volume through bought operations,in addition to improving crop from own plantations.I am quite sure tea sector should give a good run too and thus I suggest Harrisons Malayalam to you guys.It should be prudent to note that these companies performs only when the sector performs,so looking at valuations or making valuation criterias would be of little help here.Buy it to make decent money in the months to come.WE RECOMMEND THIS STOCK FOR 90/120+ LEVELS IN COMING DAYS. JAI SHREE SHYAM:)

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